Anne Catherine Emmerich on the origin of Pagan (Pythagorean/Copernican) Doctrine

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Anne Catherine Emmerich on the origin of Pagan (Pythagorean/Copernican) Doctrine

Post by flatterme on Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:49 pm

Here, Anne Catherine Emmerich speaks of the time of Noah:

"(Hom) was of a large stature like a giant, and of a very serious, peculiar turn of mind.  He wore a long robe, he was like a priest.  He used to go alone to the summit of the mountain and there spend night after night.  He observed the stars and practiced magic.  He was taught by the devil to arrange what he saw in vision into a science, a religion, and thereby he vitiated and counteracted the teaching of Enoch. The evil inclinations inherited from his mother mingled in him with the pure hereditary teachings of Enoch and Noe to which the children Thubal clung. Hom, by his false visions and revelations misinterpreted and changed the ancient truth. He studied and pondered and watched the stars and had visions which, by Satan's agency, showed him deformed images of truth. Through their resemblance to truth, his doctrine and idolatry became the mothers of heresy."
Anne Catherine Emmerich Life of Jesus Christ, page 48 Book 1

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