Responses to more technical objections on flat earth

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Responses to more technical objections on flat earth

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:27 pm

This thread is dedicated to responding to more technical objections against the flat earth. It will also deal with objections not covered in the FAQs. Questions less frequently asked.

If you are new to the flat earth, this thread is NOT the best place to start. You should really start with the principal flat earth arguments about curvature. It is not through the objections that one is going to come to understand why the earth is flat.

1. One common objection is that you would not see curvature because it is like looking at the edges of a circle which is flat. ie. looking around in one line, it appears flat. See the following video for an "explanation" of this point starting from 2:40 approx.

The author admits later on however that it curves down in all directions (common sense) from the centre. But! we are informed that it the earth is simply too big for us to see this.

Our response is simple: It is plainly absurd to claim that a sphere can be flat when you look at it from a particular angle. The reason is that a sphere by definition is a circle in 3 dimensions, and a circle is ROUND.

Secondly, it is would not be too hard to see, especially when you view it from a distance or from a height. The curvature mathematics is something we agree on with the round earthers, so the reader can view this for themselves. Here is a link to how fast the earth curves. One will see that after 120 miles, the difference is over 9600 feet (nearly 2 miles). The real reason this curvature is "so difficult" to see, is because it is not there.


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