Sniper calculations and the spinning earth

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Sniper calculations and the spinning earth Empty Sniper calculations and the spinning earth

Post by FlatEarthFanatic on Sun May 21, 2017 12:29 am

There is was an interesting point made over on the fisheaters forum link above made about how artillery men do not take into account the spinning earth

Here is the post
From one experienced long range shooter:

"I shoot long range with 0.50 BMG at 1 mile and we don't actually take coriolis into effect. When i first started shooting long range I tried to work out the math using the rotation of the earth given at 1000 mile/hr.

If you take that into account and you shoot from north/south direction, then that means the target AFTER the bullet leaves the muzzle, will have shifted almost 444 meters. 1 mile is 1.6km, which is 1600m, at 1000 miles/hr that is 1600000 m/hr. Divide by hours and then seconds and you will see how many meters the target would have shifted AFTER 1 second.

A 50 bmg round takes about 3.2 seconds to hit a target at 1 mile. That means, by the time the bullet arrives, the target should have shifted 1422 meters! You know how much we really "adjust" for coriolis? 0.25 MOA at 1 mile. that is NOTHING.

I always thought this was VERY strange as the math does not match reality. Also, Not to mention, if you shoot a target at the equator moving at 1000 miles/hr and then you move to a northern hemisphere the rotation speed changes, since the circumference at that latitude is totally different than the circumference at the equator. We don't take that into account.

You shoot in Canada and you fly to Philippines, you DO NOT adjust for rotation of the earth. That is inconsistent to reality. IF you really lived on a globe, you will NEED to adjust for that. A sniper would NEVER be able to kill anybody with a bullet at 1000 meters, let alone one at 2400+ meters in Afghanistan. THE EARTH IS FLAT. Any long range shooter will know what i am saying is true."


There is are some videos associated with this post but I did not have the time yet to watch them.


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