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Post by FlatEarthInquisitor on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:42 pm

Just want to rehash an interesting post made by happenby over on Cathinfo on geo centrism:

To all the heliocentric model believers, the Church has spoken.  Heliocentrism is condemned.  There are two other doctrinal teachings on the subject as well: 1. Jerusalem is in the center of the earth. 2. There are no antipodes, that is, no one is walking around upside down to other people.  Of all the saints that taught anything about the subject of the flat earth, all described in some detail the form of the earth--flat and joined to the firmament of heaven.  Some, like Aquinas only mention their contrary beliefs and do not teach on the subject at all.  One hundred percent of pagans espouse, promote and bully people regarding the heliocentric round earth as an integral teaching of their model.  

     Modern Geocentrism, (MG) is a modern substitute for heliocentrism, with its stationary globe hanging in space. It is a theory incompatible with scripture and historical Geocentric cosmology.  How can earth be a foundation, a foot stool for God, and actually have a face as scripture describes, when it is a ball hanging mid-air? MG is nothing less than the fraternal twin of Heliocentrism (Copernican/Pythagorean doctrines). It is an intermediate catch-all that rescues many pagan cosmological lies because thinking people know we aren't moving at break neck speed around the universe. Other than the movement of the earth, MG is virtually identical to the Heliocentric tales that spawned bloody revolutions, evolution, millions-year-old-earth, global warming, alien life, space indoctrination, Godless origins, and all notions inherent to the atheistic Big Bang theory.  In MG the water above the firmament is denied or dismissed.  Do they really have proof that our sun is 100 million miles away but still under the dome?  That's some big dome and ginormous earth! And where’s the water above the firmament in the MG theory?  Are stars and planets in or out of the ‘globe’ firmament?  They never say.  Distance from earth to the sun, moon and stars remains identical in MG as the Heliocentric theory, and both are contrary to scripture and Church teaching (above).  In 'outer space', stars are said to be enormous and Venus and Mars are said to be planets of terrain, things easily proven false with a simple camera.  Back on earth relativity dominates, demanding outrageous explanations for water sticking to the outside of a ball.  Things like gravity, dark matter, string theory, antimatter and evolution, and the Big Bang, etc.  In MG, the horizon is no longer horizontal, let alone true or level; directions and measurements quickly become contradictory, explained away, or outright denied.  Up isn't up anymore, level isn't level, curve isn't really curve.  Casuistry, imprecision, equivocation and therefore perfidious lies remain empowered in MG.   There are only two models ever considered in the scientific world: heliocentrism (with the globe) and geocentrism (flat earth).  And heliocentrism has been condemned.


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Modern geocentism Empty Re: Modern geocentism

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:20 pm

A flat Earther has emailed in with a request for commentary on the following video by a prominent geocentrist.

Here is the video and our response. The comment section also has some good responses.

- 1st slide on rowbotham - Our point is exactly that he should not have been able to see it.

- Refraction - refraction does not explain the clarity in the images. And their steadiness

- Curvature would be visible from a plane because after 120 miles across it is 1.8 mile difference in height

- We don't pretend to have an explanation for eclipses in an authoritative manner, but that does not disprove the flat earth, or make curvature appear on the earth.

- Won't even respond to what he says about maps, it is just too stupid.

- As for the angles of the sun and all, that this has nothing to do with the flat EARTH. Theories vary about the sun and I am open to them.

- Not all flat earthers say we have never been to Antartica

- Bridges, even with a spirit level, there would have to be an adjustment made. It is really silly to claim otherwise. plane survey engineers have come out and criticised the round earthers about this.

- His plane flights argument is not even the one that pilots use. They talk about gravity. Important to get his facts straight here.

- The rest is pyschoanalysis. Irrelevant to the argument.


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