What part does Eden play on the Flat Earth? You might be surprised...

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What part does Eden play on the Flat Earth? You might be surprised... Empty What part does Eden play on the Flat Earth? You might be surprised...

Post by Flat on Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:19 pm

First of all, when I speak of “Eden”, I’m talking about the land where Enoch received his visions and instructions – and not specifically the “Garden of Eden”. According to Enoch, the Biblical “Garden of Eden” is a separate territory within the land of Eden. He calls it the “Garden of Righteousness”, but we know he’s speaking of the same place because it’s in this “Garden of Righteousness” where he says the Tree of Wisdom (a.k.a. the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) is found. Ergo, we know that the Garden of Eden is a separate territory within Eden. And so again, when I speak of “Eden”, I’m talking about the entire land of Eden, and not strictly The Garden.

The reason I mention this is because Scripture tells us that Adam and Eve were banished from the “Garden of Eden” without making any further mention of the land of Eden itself. This might be confusing to some as it seems to imply that the pair were merely banished from The Garden, and not Eden itself. But it’s clear from reading Enoch’s book that the land of Eden, in general, is definitely NOT a part of our visible world. Enoch tells us, for example, that there are mountains in Eden that are larger than any found in our world – some of them comprised entirely of gold, silver, and precious stones. There are also creatures in Eden, as well as vegetation, which do not exist in our visible world. All this to say, the land of Eden is evidently NOT a part of our visible world. Instead, it’s my contention that Eden exists in another dimension – a dimension which we cannot see, but which nonetheless plays an integral role in the daily functioning of our world.

With that in mind, I would remind the reader that when Adam and Eve fell from grace, they were merely banished from Eden. Only banished. The territory was never destroyed. Instead, as we read in Scripture, God placed Cherubim at the entrance in order to guard it. Keep this in mind. It was never destroyed. Nor will it ever be – as Eden plays an INDISPENSABLE role in the proper functioning of our known visible world. This is so true that I would say it’s impossible to gain a true perspective of the Flat Earth reality without an understanding of Enoch’s writings – that is, without an understanding of the role Eden plays in our physical dimension. Take rain, for example. Where does it come from? Scientists tell us it’s stored in the clouds where strong updrafts keep it held in place until it falls to earth. Right. Have you ever heard of an airplane hitting a wall of water in the clouds? Never. Instead, the Book of Enoch explains that the reservoirs for rain are found in Eden – as well as the reservoirs for snow, hail, cold, frost, wind, dew, pestilence, etc. All of these originate in Eden. This is where the reservoirs are found. When God decides it’s time, they're released onto the earth by the Angels. And so, again, the land of Eden plays an integral role in the day-to-day processes of our visible world.

Some may find this information highly questionable, which is only natural. We’ve been programmed since birth to accept the Devil’s rendition of reality. The round earth lie is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole new perspective of reality right under our noses – and it’s found in the writings of Enoch. This is why I maintain that a reading of his book is vital to a proper understanding of our Flat Earth reality. Likewise, it’s crucial to realize that Enoch’s writings were regarded by God Himself as Scripture. I’ve written a short, separate post on this subject. If you haven't already, you may want to read over it before going further into this post. Suffice it to say, without realizing that the Book of Enoch is the inspired Word of God, your search for the real Flat Earth will stagnate. I guarantee it. That being said, let me jump right into the subject of Eden.

As anyone familiar with Enoch’s book knows, the Patriarch wrote from the land of Eden. This is where he was taken by God in his 365th year, as we read in the Book of Ecclesiasticus (44:16). It’s here that he spent his time traveling and conversing with the Archangels, who showed him the great, unseen mysteries of God’s creation. Except for the years’ time when he was allowed to return to his family to explain his visions, he spent the rest of his life in Eden. It was also to Eden that the prophet Elijah was taken in a whirlwind (4 Kings 2:11), and where he spent at least the next ten years of his life. Regarding this ten years, remember that a decade after his “disappearance”, he sent a letter to King Jehoram of Judah, berating him for his godless reign (2 Chronicles 21:12). And so we know that Elijah definitely lived somewhere on earth after his disappearance. The question is where? Some might argue that he was taken to some other location in our visible world, but this doesn’t follow reason. Excepting the letter he wrote, he was never seen or heard from again after his disappearance. By anyone. This doesn’t make any sense if he was living somewhere in our visible world. Nor is it consistent with the glory of God. That is, to posit that the great Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind and carried off in such a magnificent manner, only to be later dropped off in some nameless pagan land many miles away, just doesn’t square with the way God does things. And Elijah spent the next ten years making his way back to the land of Judah to hand a letter to King Jehoram? And then he left again on foot? Right. It sounds kind of stupid, to say the least – certainly not the way God does things. No, like Enoch, he was taken to Eden to live out the rest of his days in peace. All this to say, though somewhat shrouded in mystery, the land of Eden is an actual physical location on earth - and one that plays an integral role in the daily functioning of our visible world. We just can’t see it because it’s in another dimension.

Along these lines, I would posit that the land of Eden is actually the mysterious “Wilderness” spoken of in chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. I believe there’s good evidence to maintain such a belief. Recall that the Wilderness is the secret place where the “Woman” (the Remnant Church) will be hidden and nourished by God for 3 1/2 years, or 1260 days (Apoc. 12:14). It’s here in this quiet, secluded, and beautiful wilderness that He will “speak to her heart”, unmolested by any outside forces. Here He will protect the Woman from the rage of the Antichrist, and from the wiles of the Devil. Naturally, the Antichrist won’t be able to find the location because it’s in another dimension. On the other hand, the Devil knows where it is, but cannot enter because there are Cherubim guarding the entrance (Gen. 3:24). This is why he sends a flood instead – to try and drown the Woman (Apoc. 12:15). You see, the Flood of Noah DID affect the land of Eden. And the Devil knows it. And so he thinks he can destroy the Remnant by sending another flood into the territory. This is why he tries this approach. All this to say, I believe there’s solid evidence to maintain that Eden is the mysterious “Wilderness” spoken of in the Apocalypse.

As for its existence at present, we find a testimony to this fact in the biography of St. Lydwine of Sheidam. This saint was blessed with frequent visits from her Guardian Angel. On one occasion, he traveled to Eden and brought her back a branch from a tree found there. The branch was said to be extremely hard (more so than any tree found in our world) and, for a time, emitted the most wonderful fragrance. It was seen and handled by many of the visitors who came to the saint for help and prayers. The branch’s fragrance remained for some time, to the delight and edification of many – that is, until a heretic touched it (isn’t that the way it goes). The point being, again, there is evidence to suggest that Eden is not only an actual place, but one that exists to this day as it did in the days of Genesis. Yes, it is outside of our visible world; yet not only is it concurrent with it, but directly influences it on a daily basis.

Finally, I maintain that our visible world, almost completely defiled with the inventions and pollution of godless men, will be done away with in the renewal of the earth following the Second Coming of Christ – and that this renewal will be accomplished by the visible emergence of the land of Eden. In other words, the land of Eden will emerge from obscurity to become our visible world, and our present visible and defiled world will become invisible. As to how it’s going to take place, who knows? God could simply wave His hand over the earth and renew it. But whatever it entails, this seems to be what Scripture alludes to. The land will become like Eden:
“The Lord therefore will comfort Sion, and will comfort all the ruins thereof: and he will make her desert as a place of pleasure, and her wilderness as Eden. Joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of praise.” (Is. 51:3)

And again:
“They shall say: This land that was desolate is become as a garden of Eden: and the cities that were abandoned, and desolate, and destroyed, are peopled and fenced.” (Ez. 36:35)

And so I believe it is perfectly in line with the words of Scripture that our visible world would be replaced, if you will, by the land of Eden. At any rate, it would be hard to imagine that Christ would reign gloriously for a thousand years here on earth amid the loathsome eyesore of modern man’s materialistic pollution (not to mention the actual toxic pollution of land, sea, and air). No, that position doesn’t follow reason – especially when a far greater renewal could take place with no effort on God’s part whatsoever. And so, I believe that Eden will become our new “visible world” following the Second Coming of Christ. I think this position makes perfect sense, and is consistent with the glory of God.

So in summary, we know the land of Eden exists to this day, as it did in the days of Genesis. We know from Scripture that God never destroyed it, but merely placed Cherubim at the entrance to guard it. According to the description of this mysterious land given to us by Enoch, reason tells us it must be in another dimension – a dimension which runs concurrent with ours, and even affects it intimately on a daily basis. Finally, although hidden at present, this magnificent paradise will soon become our visible world when the Messiah comes again to destroy the forces of evil, purify the earth, and reign in glory upon His throne for a thousand years.


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