"Formally heretical" - The creation of God is no joke

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"Formally heretical" - The creation of God is no joke Empty "Formally heretical" - The creation of God is no joke

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Extracts from the Vatican MS. minutes, published by M. Henri de
l’Epinois in his work, Les Pièces du Procès de Galilèe, pp. 38, 41

From The Pontifical Decrees Against the Doctrine of
The Earth’s Movement and the Ultramontane Defence of Them
By Rev. William W. Roberts (1885) (Available on archive.org)

Page 61

Propositiones censurandæ.
Prima: Sol est centrum mundi et omnino immobilis motu locali.
Censura: Omnes dixerunt dictam propositionem esse stultam et
absurdam in philosophia et formaliter hereticam, quatenus contradicit
expresse sententiis Sacræ Scripturæ in multis locis secundum proprietatem
verborum et secundum communem expositionem et sensum Sanctorum
Patrum et Theologorum Doctorum.

Sun is the Center of the world : those who say it are: fools and it is absurd philosphically. And it is FORMALLY HERETICAL.
Contradicting Sacred Scripture in many places and the sense of the Fathers and Doctors of Theology.


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