Flat Earth with Antipodes

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Flat Earth with Antipodes Empty Flat Earth with Antipodes

Post by FlatEarthInquisitor on Fri Jun 08, 2018 3:12 pm

From the 12th Century - St. Omer

If you think this is a map of a sphere, notice the sun on the left top hand side.

This is a flat earth with a dome above it. And the antipodes, below, on the other side of the earth

Flat Earth with Antipodes 217A

Here is the description in the section on the right (below the flat earth)

"... temperate in climate, but unknown to the sons of Adam, having nothing which belongs to our race. The Equatorial Sea [Mediterranean] which here divided the [great land masses or continents of the] world, was not visible to the human eye; for the full strength of the sun always heated it, and permitted no passage to, or from, this southern zone. In the latter, however, was a race of Antipodes (as some philosophers believed), wholly different from man, through the difference of regions and climates. For when we are scorched with heat, they are chilled with cold; and the northern stars, which we are permitted to discern, are entirely hidden from them . . . Days and nights they have one length; but the haste of the sun in the ending of the winter solstice causes them to suffer winter twice over."




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