Why the flat earth may be appealing to some Traditionalists

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Why the flat earth may be appealing to some Traditionalists

Post by Meg on Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:36 pm

I listened to an audio talk by the late Fr. Hesse this morning, titled, "Decline of charity since the Council of Trent."

I have to wonder, after listening to the extire talk, if the reason that some of us are attracted to the idea of a flat earth is because of the beauty that is intrinsic to the idea of a flat earth. Also, what is tied in with the flat earth is the idea that God is love, and that with a flat earth, it's obvious that God loves us. Love in the form of charity is something that seems to be lacking in Traditional Catholicism. The Cath Info forum is a good example of this.

In the audio talk, Fr. Hesse says the decline of charity became more pronounced after the Council of Trent, because the Church was so concerned with the stamping out of error (mainly the error of the Protestants) at Trent. But the emphasis was more on doctrine, rather than charity. He says that before Vatican ll, we had a Church with Truth but no love, and after the Council, we have a Church with love but no Truth. Vatican ll was an over-reaction to a real problem. I hope that makes sense.

For Traditionalists who only care about doctrine, it would seem that the flat earth would not be appealing.

Here's the link (I hope it works):



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Re: Why the flat earth may be appealing to some Traditionalists

Post by FlatEarthInquisitor on Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:09 am

Yea there is always a difficulty for us weak sinners to get a balance in things.

I understand your point.

It goes further back before Protestantism, but it really started getting bad after that. It is the invasion of false scientific thought, which came about because of the naturalism of protestantism.

It's not even just the beauty that attracts us to flat earth, it is simply the truth. We are in a world of lies and so many people are saying "enough!". Before VII, I think a lot of Catholics were complacent about the truth they thought they had.

Of course it has not gone away in tradition currently.


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