Attacking flat earth is censored by Church

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Attacking flat earth is censored by Church

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:18 pm

Over on Cathinfo there is a very important post which shows that the Church censored flat earth criticism in 1620.

This shows that at least attacks on the flat earth are not permitted.

It can also be used to show that there were Catholic flat earthers in the 17th century, and also be used to strengthen the argument that flat earth is of faith.

here is the link and reproduction of the text.

I am reading a book called "Burned alive; Giordano Bruno, Galileo and the Inquisition" by Alberto Martinez. The author is strongly anti catholic and a globe believer.

In it the author makes a most remarkable statment:

"In 1620 the Index censored eleven sentences in Copernicus's book. Catholics could now read it making the required corrections. ... First the Index censored the passage in the Preface where Copernicus criticized Lactantius for not knowing mathematics and being wrong about the Earth's shape. "

Yes, you read that correctly.

The text of that censoring is available in "The Ponticial decrees against the Doctrine of the Earths movement and the Ultramontane defence of them" By Rev. William Roberts.

Found here

Go to page 62. It is latin. But not hard to understand.

Here is the text: In præfatione circa finem.—Ibi si fortasse dele omnia, usque ad verba,
hi nostri labores; et sic accommoda, coeterum hi nostri labores.

The text they are talking about can be found here:,%20_De%20Revolutionibus%20%28On%20the%20Revolutions%29,_%201.pdf

Here is the relevant part:

"Perhaps there will be babblers who claim to be judges of astronomy although
completely ignorant of the subject and, badly distorting some passage of Scripture
to their purpose, will dare to find fault with my undertaking and censure it. I
disregard them even to the extent of despising their criticism as unfounded. For it
is not unknown that Lactantius, otherwise an illustrious writer but hardly an
astronomer, speaks quite childishly about the earth's shape, when he mocks those
who declared that the earth has the form of a globe. Hence scholars need not be
surprised if any such persons will likewise ridicule me. Astronomy is written for
astronomers. To them my work"

You can see that there is nothing in it about mathematics. But the only topic is the spherical earth.
If you attack the defence of Gods creation... you deserve censorship...

So much for the Church believing in the globe in the middle ages and beyond. This is 1620 and the Church is defending the Truth.

This is a remarkable discovery and I hope my fellow flat earthers appreciate it.


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