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Post by Admin on Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:51 pm

Forum Rules

This is a Forum for Traditional Catholics who accept that the Earth is flat.  It exists to serve them principally. There is an incredible amount of hostility to the flat earth. Therefore unfortunately it is necessary to ask of those who are not Flat-Earthers;

1) That they only ask questions (or make interrogative-like statements) , and these in a sincere spirit of seeking the truth. Before asking questions, we ask that they check that it has not been asked in our "FAQs about the flat earth" section.
2) They must not in anyway attempt to derail threads, mock or abuse users, or have any posts which the mods deem suspicious in nature. Anything such users will be immediately banned, with no discussion beforehand and no appeal afterwards.
3) They must never post anything contrary to the Catholic faith. Immediate ban also applies.

The forum is principally for flat earth discussion. All other traditional Catholic issues can be discussed at Cathinfo or similar forums.

Visitors to our forum who are not Catholic but sincerely interested in the Catholic religion, are recommended to refer to the website . After this, for questions about the Catholic religion, we ask that they pm or email mods rather than post questions on the forum.

To all users we ask that they be judicious in their posting and try to keep things brief.  Threads that are too long turn off users who are trying to sincerely seek the truth on this important issue. It also makes life difficult on the mods who are normal people with limited time (we do not earn money from it), trying to get on with their lives. We asked therefore for a spirit of true fraternal charity.

May God bless you in your research.


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