Flat Earth Flash Points

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Flat Earth Flash Points

Post by flatterme on Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:43 am

Flat earth flash points: (cards?)

*Curvature, if earth be 25,000 miles in circumference, does not exist. It has never been demonstrated by any form of measurment.
*Objects seen at great distances on the ocean prove that curve does not exist, including boats, which do not "go down" behind the horizon but with the aid of magnification can be seen in their entirety while they move away until they are too small to discern.
*Historically speaking, heliocentrism/round earth are overwhelmingly held by atheists and satanists.
*Geocentrism/flat earth is historically Christian based. See the Church Fathers' view in the Tradition section of this site.
*Water always seeks its own level and remains flat. Water cannot curve, nor can it conform to the curvature of a 25,000 mile globe.
*Aircraft should be able to hover on a rotating earth and wait for earth to bring the craft to a destination, yet such a thing is impossible.
*Aircraft mirroring the earth's speed should gain no ground flying in the direction with earth spin, and a fraction of the distance the opposite direction, yet this is never demonstrated.
*If aircraft and sky travel like an envelope with the earth, what can explain the clouds?
*When an air balloon goes up, it easily lands hours later in the same place proving the earth does not spin.
*A compass will not work on a globe. From the equator, held horizontal to the ground, its needle cannot point north at the top of the globe, but rather points out into space.
*Since a compass needle always points north at one end and south at the other, the north being a fixed point, the south is demonstrated to be many points, hence the south "pole" cannot be fixed but rather it is revealed to be several points that form a circle around the center, North.
*Scripture says earth is "pitched like a tent" with a "dome" of a sky, a figure impossible to relate with anything globular.
*Scripture says terra firma is lodged between two bodies of water, one body above earth, above the firmament, and the other body of water is under it... aka, the ocean. Pictures of earth never show water above earth because they are not taken from outside the firmament.
*Water comes from above the earth since the rainfall/water cycle is insufficient to explain excessive rain fall in a given area, let alone for Noah's Great Deluge.
*Gulf stream waters, jetting many directions, make no sense, have no explanation and could not exist on a globe.
*Rivers flowing many directions, or like the Nile for a thousand miles without declination more than a foot are impossible on a globe.
*Astronauts could not possibly exit an earth ball whirling 1000 mph one direction and barrelling 67,000 mph another direction and raging 550,000 another direction as NASA claims, nor stop instantly into a vacuum of space, and still survive. Still, if astronauts did survive such speeds and stops, once they departed the flying earth-ball, in just a few hours, they would find themselves quite a distance from the earth-ball as it jets away. They would be utterly unable to catch up in any vehicle known today. Even if they did catch up, it would be impossible to go from zero to 67,000 mph (with a 1000 mph twist) and not destroy all in the vehicle.
*The North Star remains stationary for years on end as viewable from within a 3/4" piece of pvc pipe. The sun however, moves out of the view of the same tube in 1 1/2 minutes proving the sun moves, not earth.
*Growing numbers of scientists agree that the theory of gravity/relativity is without basis or proof.
*Round earth is strictly dependant upon wild incalculable math and never demonstrable by any experiment, while flat earth is easily shown by way of a myriad of experiments as well as simple math.
*Scripture says the sun moves and earth is fixed. NASA, adopting an unproven pagan theorem says the opposite; considering the source can help make things clear.
*Heliocentrism and round earth are part of a cabbal that promotes such unproven theories as evolution, global warming, the big bang, animal/earth worship and alien inhabited worlds along with atheistic doctrines about man's origins which are all counter to the written word of God on creation.
*No undoctored pictures or video of the entire spherical earth exist.
*No authentic videos exist of the entire rotating sphere earth as the unmoving clouds prove.
*Surveyor plans show that during the first Atlantic Telegraphic cable laid from Valentia, Ireland to St. John's Newfoundland, a distance of 1665 miles, the surface of the Atlantic ocean is perfectly level. Railroad schematics in museums in London England also show the first rail lines were built "level" after much disagreement by some engineers who demanded if earth was a ball, the must allow for curve.
*The Atlantic Ocean would form a measurable mountain at least 100 miles high at the center, in order for the world to be a globe.
*Consitent with flat earth/geocentric knowledge, sun and moon are two different kinds of light, one yellow and hot, one cold and silvery, so Newtonian, Pythagorean, Copernican doctrine of heliocentric reflected light from sun to moon is false.
*It is certain no allowance for curvature was made for the 700 miles long great Canal in China, yet such a structure demands a drop of greater than 15 miles from beginning to end to conform to a globe measuring 25,000 miles around as the earth is said to be.
*The North Star is visible below 20 degrees south of the equator, something impossible if the earth were a globe.
*It is a known fact that the British ship Challenger travelled the circuit of the southern region taking 69,000 miles to accomplish the feat, something impossible were the earth a globe.


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