Flat Earth, Air Density and size of the Sun as it sets.

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Flat Earth, Air Density and size of the Sun as it sets.

Post by Confiteor Deo on Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:15 pm

Every once in a while, a new video comes out, where they make an observation that seems so obvious, that you have to ask why it wasn't made before. This explanation on air density is one such video:


It explains that air on the horizon over water is so thick, that it distorts what we see and makes the sun appear larger at Sunset, than when it is overhead. I was always told as a child that it appears larger as you can see it closer to objects on land and it is an illusion. However, when you watch a sunset from a airplane or in a dry desert, it looks much smaller as it recedes to the horizon. This relative change in size cannot be explained by the mere turning of the earth away from the sun as it would still be more or less 93 million miles away.

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