Pertinent quotes from Fathers and Tradition

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Pertinent quotes from Fathers and Tradition

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:49 am

This sticky if for the collection of the most explicit and pertinent quotes from the Tradition of the Church regarding the flat earth.
It is intended to serve as a quick reference point for those who do not have the time to trawl to massive amounts of texts and threads on the subject. Moderators will keep it up to date but also as brief as possible.

Here is a start:

Lactentius in the Divine institutes, Chapter 24 :

they thought that the world is round like a ball, and
they fancied that the heaven revolves in accordance with the motion of
the heavenly bodies; and thus that the stars and sun, when they have
set, by the very rapidity of the motion of the world are borne back to
the east. Therefore they both constructed brazen orbs, as though after
the figure of the world, and engraved upon them certain monstrous
images, which they said were constellations.
....I am at a loss what to say respecting those who, when they have
once erred, consistently persevere in their folly, and defend one vain
thing by another;
but that I sometimes imagine that they either discuss
philosophy for the sake of a jest, or purposely and knowingly undertake
to defend falsehoods, as if to exercise or display their talents on
false subjects.

On June 22, the Holy Office formally condemns Galileo for heresy

“We say, pronounce, sentence and declare that you, the said Galileo...have rendered yourself in the judgment of this Holy office vehemently suspected of heresy, namely, of having believed and held the doctrine which is false and contrary to the Sacred and Divine Scriptures, that the sun is the center of the world and does not move from east to west and that the earth moves and is not the center of the world...after it has been declared and defined as contrary to Holy Scripture...From which we are content that you be absolved, provided abjure, curse, and detest before us the aforesaid errors and heresies and every other error and heresy contrary to the Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church.”  Pope Urban VIII took full responsibility for the condemnation of Galileo by enforcing “in forma communi” the Congregation’s prohibitions against books holding the Copernican system as truth.
Reference: Exorciser le spectre de Galilée - Abbe Philippe Marcille, Editions du Sel, 2014, pp 40 and

St. John Chrysostom Commentary on the Hebrews 8:1

“Where are those who say that the heaven is in motion? Where are those who think it is spherical? For both these opinions are here swept away.”
Quoted by Cosmas.

St. Jerome, Commentary on Isaiah

God "[had] established the great mass of the land and had gathered it together above the seas and rivers, so that the heaviest element [earth] hangs over the lighter weight waters by the will of God, who like a king sits above the circle of the earth. There are some who assert that this mass is like a point and globe...What, then, will the land be over ...?"
Original latin here

From the Pontifical Decrees Against The Doctrine The Earth’s Movement by Rev. William W. Roberts

"Since it has come to the knowledge of the above-named Holy Congregation that the false Pythagorean doctrine, [See: Pythagoras] altogether opposed to the divine Scripture, on the mobility of the earth and the immobility of the sun...this Congregation has decreed that the said suspended till they are corrected; but that the book of Father Paul Antony Foscarini the Carmelite be altogether prohibited and condemned, and all other books that teach the same thing; as the present decree respectively prohibits, condemns, and suspends all...." (pp.56, 57)

[Why is this significant? The idea that the world was a sphere has been around a long time, but Pythagoras was one of the first to come up with it. This quote shows that the church was not only aware of the round earth error but also that its source was pythagoras]

“Resuming  then,  let  us  first  lay  bare,  in  speaking of  those  things  according  to  our  power,  the imposture  of  those  who  boast  as  though  they  alone  had  comprehended  from  what  forms  the  heaven  is arranged,  in  accordance  with  the  hypothesis  of  the  Chaldeans  and  Egyptians.  For *they*  say  that  the circumference  of  the  world  is  likened  to  the  turnings  of  a  well‐rounded  globe,  the  earth  having  a central  point.  For  its  outline  being  spherical,  it  is  necessary,  they  say,  since  there  are  the  same  distances of  the  parts,  that  the  earth  should  be  the  center  of  the  universe,  around  which  as  being  older,  the  heaven is  whirling.  For  if  a  circumference  is  described  from  the  central  point,  which  seems  to  be  a  circle,  ‐  for  it is  impossible  for  a  circle  to  be  described  without  a  point,  and  it  is  impossible  for  a  circle  to  be  without  a point,  ‐  surely  the  earth  consisted  before  all,  they  say,  in  a  state  of  chaos  and  disorganization.  Now certainly  the  wretched  ones  were  overwhelmed  in  the  chaos  of  error,  “because  that,  when  they  knew  God, they  glorified  Him  not  as  God,

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Re: Pertinent quotes from Fathers and Tradition

Post by flatterme on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:18 pm

TheophilusTheophilus writing to Autolycus following the LXX says:
The heaven, therefore, being dome-shaped covering, comprehended matter which was like a clod. And so another prophet, Isaiah by name, spoke in these words: It is God who made the heavens as a vault, and stretched them as a tent to dwell in.This heaven which we see has been called firmament, and to which half the water was taken up that it might serve for rains, and showers, and dews to mankind. And half the water was left on earth for rivers, and fountains, and seas (Schaff and Wace 1979, 2:100).
Theophilus interprets the "circle of the earth" as referring to the vault of heaven.


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