Video of the Dimond brothers

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Video of the Dimond brothers

Post by FlatEarthFanatic on Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:40 pm

Response to the Dimond brothers on flat earth

The laymen called the Dimond brothers have come out with a video claiming to show 50 proofs that the Earth is a globe. It can be watched below.  Normally we would not need to respond to every anti flat earth video out there, but this is exceptional, for two reasons; firstly they are traditional, and secondly the arguments presented are serious and do not involve mocking, so it's worth a response.

It is not possible or necessary to respond to all of the reasons they list. It is best to make some generalisations, and to see what they do NOT say. [which is the most important.]

What they do not address at all, is the principal proof of the flat earth, being the total lack of curvature. They  do not even attempt to give answers for why objects which should not be visible at all are visible.  If they had, we could really analyse their points, and their arguments would have some weight. This is a whole area  on which an enormous amount of work has been done, is the most easily provable, and is the foundation of the case that the earth is flat. Intellectually, therefore it is slightly dishonest, but we are well used to that in the flat earth movement.

So what do they say? Their arguments are varied, but can be put into different categories;
1. The scientists and professionals say it's not flat, therefore it's not flat.
2. The flat-earthers pretend to know everything and here are some things they can't explain.
3. Here some other subtle phenomenon which we haven't properly researched how flat earthers respond to, so we are going to throw it out there, put a round earth spin on it, and because most people presume the earth is round, they will swallow it and not fall for all this flat earth nonsense.
4. Finally, they have a small dose of circular reasoning for good measure.

Now to respond to these. First, anyone with any amount of experience and knowledge of the Jewish Masonic system that we live in, knows to have healthy scepticism of what so-called experts say. The laymen Dimond should know better. Secondly, we do not, and have not pretended to have the answers for everything. That is the reality of science. It is a modern day attitude to think science can answer everything, when in fact there are many mysteries still unresolved.

The third point can be answered by readers for themselves by a small bit of research into the flat earth. This web forum hopes to serve that need. For anything else, the ifers forum of Eric Dubay is usually pretty good. The  fourth point needs no response for the discerning reader.

If there is any burning questions that people have, feel free to post them here, always abiding by the rules of the forum, especially if you are not a convinced flat earther.

[My fellow flat earthers may of course give responses to some of the points in the video if they want, below]

[UPDATE, 11 Nov 2016: I just got round to reading the text that they attached to their video. In it, it is claimed that flat earthers displays cult like characteristics. The reason for this they say is that flat earthers refuse to examine evidence that contradicts their "dogma".
This however is precisely what the Dimond brothers themselves are refusing to do, as outlined above. It is precisely on the evidence that the flat earth is strong, and is making strides. It is made up of people who know how to think for themselves and not believe automatically what our Jewish masters tell them. This is hardly cult like behaviour.
Finally, it almost goes without saying that it is monstrously hypocritical of the Dimond brothers to be calling anyone cultish. ]

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Re: Video of the Dimond brothers

Post by flatterme on Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:19 pm

Indeed, the Dimonds have not researched much apparently, but sit sneeringly on one side of an argument without seriously considering the other. This is evident in their answers which are lop-sided and without attention to empirical proof, true science or Catholic Tradition. Their arguments are devoid of references to Enoch, Cosmas of Indiocopleustes, the Pontifical Decrees, or the deeper richer texts on the Galileo Affair. Anything regarding scripture is skewed and unexplored. How can one assert as the Dimonds do that earth is not flat without going to through all the data? Sorry, this silly video is like a Protestant argument against Catholicism. They simply cannot deal with the realities so they don't.

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