NASA's Hanky Panky Virtual Reality Fraud

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NASA's Hanky Panky Virtual Reality Fraud

Post by flatterme on Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:25 pm

NASA's Hanky Panky Virtual Reality Fraud
Post by flatterme Today at 10:20 am

VR Development and NASA's Early Role

Consider some of the language used by experts to describe the computer-programmed Virtual Reality Space Technology and its potential:

"A work of art", "a dream", "an additional reality", "a new continent", " a new reality", "a new kind of experience", "inventing reality", "new form of space", "frontier colonization", "virtual worlds", "computer generated immersive technology", "consensual hallucination using graphical representation of data", "liberating potential of VR which can bring a new kind of Spiritual understanding", "computers", "VR...a gateway into another reality", "cultural alchemy", "computers are...reality generators", "Voomies" (VR representations)...better than film", "Realism is a cultural construction dependent on time, place, & technology", "intuitive molecule design...demonstrates usefulness of VR in theoretical science", "VR...a new space for liberation and universal understanding", "VR's appeal... computers can be reality generators", "The VR fraternity...[has put] VR at the apex of the historical process"....

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