Assumptive basis of all modern cosmology is from the Jews

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Assumptive basis of all modern cosmology is from the Jews Empty Assumptive basis of all modern cosmology is from the Jews

Post by flatterme on Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:39 pm

Protestant's explanation how modern cosmology (heliocentrism) is rooted in Kabbalah religion.  


Concerning the present emphasis on the assumptive basis of all modern cosmology, the following summary of the deceptive role of Talmudic /Kabbalic Judaism masquerading as "science" supplies an indispensable framework for understanding not only how the majority of the Jewish people, but the entire world has been deceived about the size and nature of the universe and the nature and plan of the God behind all of it:

1) All of the three props holding up the present cosmological Paradigm-- Relativity, Big Bang, Expanding Universe--represent the fulfillment of a "Creation Scenario" of Rabbinic writings in the anti-Christ Mystic Kabbala "holy book" of Pharisaic Judaism from the 1st, 12th 13th, and 16th centuries particularly. There are three possible explanations for those documented facts:

a) A handful of Pharisaic Rabbis (Rebbes) were supernaturally gifted to lay out a cosmological plan that would destroy the credibility of the Biblical "Creation Scenario"...and hence the credibility of the Biblical Jesus as the revelator of God’s Plan for mankind. These "sages" envisioned a cosmology that would progressively make the universe so vast and old, and the stars so distant that they could never get around the Earth nightly. This vision would destroy in one blow the Biblical Model of a non-moving Earth and lay the foundation for putting the stars so far away that only Kabbalist Big Bang Kosmology could explain it all...(but the explanation was to always be called "science" and never "religion", especially anti-Christ Phariseeism) ;


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