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Flights from NZ to A. America Empty Flights from NZ to A. America

Post by FlatEarthInquisitor on Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:04 pm

This post on ifers merits particular attention. You will see why:

Direct flight from AU/NZ to South America...

I did this research yesterday. This site lists a direct flight Auckland NZ to Buenos Aries AR, almost daily, on Jun 14:

and the snapshot:

The flight is on Tue Jun 14 at 8.05pm NZ time. But, there is no flight number, so I went to the airport's site to find it.

and the snapshot:

the flight is not listed at departures at all... Apparently it doesn't exist

Then I found the LAN801 Santiago to Auckland, which I started tracking successfully on the flightradar24, but it disappeared just 1h 35 mins in flight, as soon as it left Chile.

here is the snapshot at the moment of the "disappearance"

I waited 11 hours for the of arrival (I went to sleep), and the flightradar24 still couldn't show the plane. I then went to the Auckland airport site arrivals, and found the flight was "RESCHEDULED" from 5.05AM to 8:40PM, ie delayed the whole 15h and 35m. The flight departed on time with scheduled 12h 50m flight time, and with this "delay" of 15h 35m, the flight time becomes 29 hours

here is the snap:

In the same time, this site

reports everything was fine and the plane was in fact scheduled to land in 1h 30m (?).

Here is the snap:

And the parody continues, the site reports the LA801 in fact arrived at Auckland at 8.42am with "NO DELAY" (while the airport, as I said above, reports it is "RESCHEDULED", and delayed 15h and 35m!)

and the snap:

And finally, I looked at the flightradar24 at the LA801 history, and saw that the flight has *always* landed around 5pm (scheduled 5am), that is with the 12+ hours delay, which makes the flight time of 24+ hours (if it exists at all):

and the snap

so, I guess the case is closed.



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